Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The local Education Authority and the headteacher are responsible for Special Educational Needs.

They will endeavour to secure appropriate provision for a child who is identified as being in need of support. The headteacher is the responsible person and Mrs Bachu is the Special Educational Needs and Disability Co-ordinator (SENCO).

Baylis Court Nursery School has a policy of full inclusion for children with Special Educational Needs. Some children have an identified Special Educational Need when they enter the nursery. They may have received learning support pre-school and this support continues in the nursery.

All children are admitted on the same basis. All children are visited at home by nursery staff before they enter the nursery, all children visit the nursery for an induction session before they enter school.

Starting at the Nursery

On entry to the nursery all children become part of a rolling programme of observation and assessment, which informs planning to ensure that individual needs are met. Staff meet parents informally on a daily basis and on a termly basis to discuss children’s progress. If a staff member has concerns about a child’s progress, she will approach parents to arrange a meeting in order to discuss these concerns. If parents are concerned about their child’s progress they can approach staff with a similar request to meet for discussions. These discussions will help staff and parents identify concerns and strategies to meet those concerns. These will be incorporated in planning, the child may have an individual education plan (I.E.P.) or targeted support from a learning support assistant (L.S.A.) The member of staff will inform the special needs co-ordinator (S.E.N.D.Co) who will in turn inform other staff members in order to ensure whole staff implementation of learning support planned. Parents will be invited to discuss their child’s progress at regular intervals.

This is the early action stage in the identification of a child’s special educational needs and will hopefully enable the child to regain and maintain the expected rate of progress. If however this does not happen, the S.E.N.D.Co may involve outside agencies e.g. Speech Therapist, Educational Psychologist, Sensory Impairment Consortium.

Parental Involvement

Parents are fully involved and invited to be present when specialists visit the nursery to observe their child. This is the early action plus stage of identifying a child’s special educational need. Following advice from a specialist a child may be referred for sessions outside the nursery, e.g. Speech Therapy. As before the staff member will write an I.E.P. that will specify activities and targets for the child to attain. Other staff members are again made aware of this to ensure whole staff implementation. Support from the L.S.A. will also be targeted.

Throughout this procedure parents are included in all decisions and involved in planning for the child’s needs. Assessment and reporting on progress take place at regular intervals.


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