Check out some activities for you to get involved in!


How to make Salt Dough

Baby Safe Paint

Puffy Paint

Shaving Foam Paint

Taste Safe Paint

Cloud Dough

Homemade Chalk Paint

Ice Cave Balloons

Marble Painting

Salad Spinner Art

Coffee Filter Butterfly


Fine Motor

Flower Printing

Mark Making Transport

Masking Tape Tracks

Paint Car Rolling

Big Bubble Blower

Painting Flowers

Tape Shape Fun

Lego Stamping Art for Kids

Painting with Cotton Buds & Baby Oil

Shadow Drawing

Balloon Keepy Uppy

Crayon Rubbing

Playdough Book


Build a Bug House

Cutting Grass

Growing Beans in a Bag

Natural Bubble Wands

Natural Freeze

Outdoor Painting

Puddle Painting

Tealight Smores

Things that Smell Outside

Natures Treasure Box

Puddle Splashing

Cheerio Bird Feeder


Big Paper Play

Creative Story Telling

Make a Sock Puppet

Story Telling Tin

Wooden Spoon Puppets

Worry Dolls

Helping At Home - Reading

Helping At Home - Writing

Helping at Home Phonics

I-Spy Game

Make a Cup Phone

Kim's Game

Create a Home School


Maths is Everywhere

Monster Tunnel

Put a Wash On

Counting Natural Objects

Present Wrapping

Counting Activity

Making Skittles

Kitchen Lid Treasure Box


Make Bear Toast

Make a Chocolate Banana

Make Jammie Dodgers

Make Raspberry Lollies

Painted Toast

Raita Dip Recipe

Banana Bread


Zoo Animal Cupcakes

Chocolate Cake

Fallen Fruit Sundae

Star Biscuits