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If your child is absent through illness, please try to notify the school so that the absence can be authorised in the register. Should they be absent for a longer period, especially if it is an infectious illness, please tell us immediately in case we need to alert other parents.

Holiday Absence

If your child is going to be absent for holiday reasons, please tell us the date of departure and expected date of return, using the holiday form available from the office. This may enable us to keep their place open. Normally we are able to keep a place for four weeks. If the absence is longer we must fill the place and offer the next available place on their return.

Lending Library

Our school lending library is available all the time and you and your child may exchange books as often as you like. We encourage children to use, enjoy and respect books. We make a small charge if books are lost or damaged.

Cooking Money

Parents are invited to contribute £10 per year for their child, towards cooking money. This fund is used to provide resources for cooking, messy play and ingredients for playdough.  Any profit e.g. from school photos and fundraising activities supplement the fund.

To Keep You Informed

We will send you a regular Newsletter or send a note home as appropriate.

Transfer To Primary School

It is your responsibility to apply for your child’s place in a reception class. Your child will need to transfer to primary school the in the September of academic year in which they will turn 5. Children who are resident in Slough and attending a Slough nursery class or school will receive a Common Application Form from the school.

Further information

Complaints Policy and Procedure

If you wish to make a complaint or would like more information on our Complaints Procedure then please read the policy below.

Complaints Policy and Procedure


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